Association for GxP Excellence

The Association for GXP Excellence is turning 5 this year and continues to grow and expand with new chapters coming online in San Francisco Bay Area and Boston.  The organization is comprised of quality, compliance and training professionals throughout the world, in industry, academia and regulatory job roles.  We are a U.S Federally recognized 501 (C) 3, not-for-profit.  Our membership is free and open to all who wish to join.  Please click through our site to learn more about us and what we have in store for our membership as we rapidly grow!

Do you have a great presentation or story you would like to Tell?

Just let us know and we will do our best to get your voice heard!

You will receive accolades and name recognition!

The Association for GXP Excellence (AGXPE) is always looking for new and exciting presenters and topics for our meetings and webinars in the areas of Quality, Compliance and Training. 

Bring your best practices in GCP, GMP, GLP and other GXP areas and help educate us all.

If you have what it takes please email 

Quality & Compliance

These are the pillars that our organizations require to invent, manufacture, store, release and ship to our customers.  The AGXPE provides tools and resources to enable organizations to hit the ground running and maintain the pace!


The knowledge ecosystem is by far the most diverse aspect of every organization.  Hiring and maintaining individuals with specific Knowledge, Skills and/or abilities is paramount to success.  The AGXPE can help develop and maintain individual qualifications.

Membership - Sense of Belonging

Members are mostly life science individuals working in regulated environments building quality into all aspects of their organization.  Become a part of something larger to network with others who seek to learn from each other.

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